Friday, September 12, 2008

Leeuwarden Flickr photowalk

DSC06945, originally uploaded by dccrowley.

This is the irish pub Goveneurs Plein in Leeuwarden. The weather wasn't great... and this photo was taken the next day :) But I met lots of people including Sint Smeding, Tessa, Hidde de Vries, Stephen Hay, Robin Papa, Arjan Eising... Sure more could have turned up, but the weather spoilt it a bit. Still I really enjoyed it.

And we are doing it again. Thursday evening 27 November 18:00h-20.00h I want to catch the atmosphere of the last real Saint Nick late night shopping. So yeah, night photography and atmosphere. After that I want to do a Photowalk in Harlingen, which is a gorgeous town... we'll need daylight for it though... that's later.

Don't forget to stick Thursday evening 27 November 18:00h-20.00h in your calander :)

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